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Specialist bat surveys and licensing

We specialise in bats

Helix Ecology can undertake bat surveys to inform developments that may impact on bats, support planning applications, or inform habitat management or conservation goals.  All UK bat species and their roosts (whether occupied or not) are fully protected under UK and European legislation.

Lesser Horseshoe bats

Photo: E Bradshaw

We can provide specialist surveys for more complex projects.  We are qualified in tree climbing and aerial rescue, and can undertake both ground-level and aerial assessment of trees to check out potential roost features.  Aerial tree surveys can help eliminate trees as potential bat roosts, avoiding the need for roost surveys (dusk emergence or dawn re-entry surveys using ultrasonic detectors and/or infrared camcorders), with attendant savings in time and costs.  We also have the necessary survey licenses, skills and equipment to capture bats for species identification, or to fit radio-tags for radio-tracking surveys.

Radio Tracking Bats

Photo: Alison Johnson

We are experienced at obtaining individual licences (i.e. European Protected Species mitigation licences) licences for bats.  Staff and associates are amongst the small number of consultants able to act as Registered Ecologists for Bat Low Impact Class Licences (BLICL), saving our clients time and money when dealing with developments that impact on minor roosts of small numbers of common species.

Some surveys are limited to certain times of year.  Forward planning will help minimise costs and prevent delays. Download our ecological survey calendar for more information, or contact us if you would like advice.

Photo: Nigel Hester

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Have a stiff neck from counting 642 soprano pipistrelles out of one roost - 45 minutes of squabbling before they were all out! (The 100+ common pipistrelles using the other end of the building seem to have moved on.) Biggest pip roost I have personally encounted in Somerset.

- July 19, 2018

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