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Helix Ecology offers a broad range of ecological consultancy services including advice, habitat and protected species surveys, impact appraisals and assessment, reporting, mitigation and wildlife licensing.

Ecological surveys

Ecological surveys

For planning and development, and habitat and conservation management. Read more

Phase 1 habitat surveys

Habitat surveys

Phase 1 habitat survey, extended Phase 1 survey, hedgerow survey, buildings and trees (protected species). Read more

Protected Species Surveys

Protected species surveys

Protected and priority species: badger, barn owl, bat, bird, brown hare, dormouse, great crested newt, otter, reptile, water vole, white-clawed crayfish. Read more

Specialist bat surveys and licensing

Specialist bat surveys and licensing

European Protected Species mitigation licensing, and Bat Mitigation Class licensing. Advanced survey techniques including aerial tree surveys, trapping (mist net, harp trap, acoustic lure) and radio-tracking. Read more

Preliminary ecological appraisal (PEA) and ecological impact assessment (EcIA)

Preliminary ecological appraisal (PEA) and ecological impact assessment (EcIA)

Impact appraisals and assessments for planning applications and developments. Read more

Mitigation and management plans

Mitigation and management plans

Meeting biodiversity obligations by minimising impacts and providing net gains. Read more

Forward planning

Early involvement by a professional ecologist can avoid unnecessary delays at the planning application stage and later in the development. Download our ecological survey calendar for guidance. Note that survey windows can vary from region to region and year to year. Helix Ecology can advise on required surveys and appropriate timings specific to your site and project.

Helix Ecology is a Somerset-based ecological consultancy undertaking undertake site and habitat surveys, protected species surveys, reporting, mitigation plans and wildlife licensing for planning applications and other land-based developments and habitat management/conservation programmes. We deliver consultancy services locally and throughout the UK. Our core area is southwest England (Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire).

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Have a stiff neck from counting 642 soprano pipistrelles out of one roost - 45 minutes of squabbling before they were all out! (The 100+ common pipistrelles using the other end of the building seem to have moved on.) Biggest pip roost I have personally encounted in Somerset.

- July 19, 2018

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Latest ecology news

Bat Mitigation Class Licence

Earlier this month Natural England launched the Bat Mitigation Class Licence (BMCL) to replace the Bat Low Impact Class Licence (BLICL). Read More

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